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At My Computer, we develop the best software using latest and leading edge technologies. If you looking for a exicting career you have come to the right place.

Outstanding work

Let's get this straight:
  • We believe you as a career oriented individual, should focus on the right things when opting for a company.
  • It is not the glossy building that you may work, it is not the color of the wall or the softness of the chair that matters.
  • It is not the coolness of being associated with a brand name that should matter.
  • It does not matter if you and your parents miss out on the opportunity to brag with friends and relatives about the "big" company that you work for
  • It is ultimately the quality of work that you do that matters most - both for you and your career.
  • A challenging job is gratifying at the same time
  • And shall we add, job satisfaction does matter !

At My Computer:
  • We value our employees and their skills
  • Hence, we offer the very best work that is challenging, exciting, rewarding and beneficial to your career at the same time
  • We work on very leading edge technologies - the kind of technologies used by NASA for Mars mission control - and apply them to create software that is intelligent and useful at considerably lower costs.
  • We do research and development (R&D) looking for algorithms and solutions that have never been applied before to solve the common man's problems.

Right decision

Make the right decision. If you are a fresher out of college or experienced software professional, we have great opportunities.


We provide intensive training to our new recruits to prepare them for the road ahead.             


Two brains are better than one and we put the best brains to work together as a team. You will get to work in a team that will mentor you and contribute towards your success


As a small and dynamic company, we are always agile and growing. Your career will be on fast track.

Job Satisfaction

After working for several decades in a variety of software industries, our veteran employees can vouch for the fact that job satisfaction matters the most.

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