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Best-of-the-breed Hospital Management System

MyHospital product delivers real benefits to hospitals and dispensaries.
It enables hospitals to use technology to address their tedious tasks and bring the stakeholders like patients, doctors, nurses and administrators together to share and solve problems.
HMS is a fully integrated package offering end-to-end solution for hospitals.

Our proposed Hospital Management System adds value to the hospital services in terms of patient care, patient education, better response to the inquiry, prompt and accurate information delivery. Above all, system provides intelligent MIS and analytical reports, which helps management in taking important decisions.

  • Integrated Solution
  • Unique Clinical Specialty module
  • Resource scheduling
  • In Patient management
  • Availability of Templates for explaining to the patients
  • Query Based Exhaustive searches
  • Graphical Data Analysis
  • Graphical MIS reports

Module NameDescription
  • OPD Registration
  • Patient Inquiry
  • IPD Registration
  • Registration of Investigation Cases
  • Casualty
  • Emergency Case Registration
Clinical Records (OPD/IPD)
  • Case Paper Generation
  • Generation Prescription
  • Treatment Follow-up
  • Instructions
  • Comprehensive Patient Search
  • ICD Classified Diagnosis
  • Vital Data
  • Intake - Output Records
  • Observations
  • Anesthesia Records
  • Medical & Fitness Certificates
  • Investigations Ordering
  • Treatment Ordering
  • Procedures
  • Operation Records
  • Customizable Clinical Layouts
Patient Billing
  • Deposits and Advances
  • Final Bill Generation
  • Corporate Billing
  • Automatic Charge Calculations
  • Receipts & Refunds
  • Room Type wise Billing Options
  • Estimate Billing
  • Bill Discounts
  • Doctor Commission & Company wise Billing
  • Investigation Records & Reports for: Radiology, Pathology
  • Search for Reports and Tests
  • Storage of Patient X-Rays with Test Results
  • Issue to Out Patient
  • Generate Pharmacy Bills
  • Integrated with Hospital Stores
  • Stock Maintenance
In-Patient management
  • Patient Admission
  • Shifting Histories
  • Patient Shifting
  • Patient Discharge
Appointments & OPD
  • Creation, Postpone & Cancellation of appointments
  • OPD Scheduling for various visiting consultants
Financial Accounting
  • Company Setup
  • Financial Statements including Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance
  • TDS Certificates
  • Depreciation Calculation
  • Voucher Generation- Contra, Payment, Receipt, Journal, Provisional Journal Voucher
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Ledgers
  • Year End Process
  • Interest Calculation
  • Creating Voucher Templates
  • Bank Reconciliation Statements
  • Purchase Bills
  • Voucher Renumbering
  • Comprehensive Reporting, which includes
  •           Ledger
  •           Monthly Summary
  •           Account Group Summary
  •           Monthly Income/Expense
  •           Bills Payable
  •           Bills Paid etc.
  • Purchase Order Preparation
  • Vendor Bids Entry
  • Tender generation
  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Bids Comparative Statement.
  • Material Inspection
  • Supplier & Consignee Billing
  • Comprehensive Reporting which includes -
  •           Purchase Order Summaries,
  •           Purchase Order after Deadline,
  •           Pending Purchase Orders,
  •           Material Rate Listings
  •           Purchase Requisitions
  • Material Issue
  • Material Transfer/Purchase Requisition
  • Consignee Stock Management
  • Consignee Register
  • Material Return
  • Material Transfer
  • Stock Register
  • Material Receipt
  • Material Adjustment.
  • Item Issue / Receipt Register
  • Comprehensive Reporting which includes -
  •           Material Below Reorder Level,
  •           Expired Drug Listing,
  •           ABC Analysis,
  •           Material Consumption Analysis
HR & Payroll
  • Employee Bio-data
  • Work Allocation
  • Employee Time Sheet
  • Employee PF Calculation
  • Quarter Allocations
  • Performance Based Incentive Calculation
  • Employee Loans & Advances
  • Pay Calculation Process
  • Administrative Reports
MIS Reports
  • This module contains the features that help the Management of the Hospital in making timely and effective decisions. This module contains crucial reports from all the major modules such as clinical, financial accounting, equipment maintenance, stores & pharmacy. The reports of this module are statistical and graphical in nature.
Administration & Security
  • Creating Users
  • Defining User Access Control
  • Creating Groups
  • Access Rights for Companies
  • Changing User Passwords
  • Backup & Restore
Operation Theatre & Resource Scheduling
  • This module covers the planning & management of resources used during Operation such as Doctors, Anesthetic, Support Staff, Drugs, Equipments as well as Scheduling of the Operation Theatre. This module also manages schedule of doctors and consultants. Schedules for operations, IPD Rounds and OPD Consultation can be created through this module.
  • Defining Task Types including OPD Consultation, IPD Rounds, Operations etc. - Defining Resources Types including Consultants,
  • Creating Schedules with Tasks and available Resources
  • Operation Theatres, Equipments
  • Defining Schedules and Availability of Resources
  • Comprehensive Overview of Schedules including Daily Schedules, Weekly Schedules, Monthly Schedules
Equipment Maintenance
  • The Equipment Maintenance Module maintains and provides information on status of equipments, the problems and cost incurred on equipments, maintenance contracts, etc. This module maintains information for timely follow-up for warranty and annual maintenance, breakdown as well as preventive maintenance schedules to keep the equipments in proper working order. Facility for complaint booking and monitoring is also provided. The core features include:
  • Equipment Records including Purchase & Specifications, Warranty, Insurances, Maintenance Contracts, Vendor Records
  • Work Order, Job Card and Complaint Tracking
  • Maintenance Plan Scheduling
  • Complaint Booking
  • Recording of Services under Maintenance Contracts
  • Equipment Usage Logs
  • Reminders for Insurance Renewals
  • Job Card Recording
  • Service Billing including Labor Costs, Parts Costs
  • Equipment Performance Monitoring
  • Work Order Generation
  • Comprehensive Status & MIS Reports for Equipments, Work Orders, Job Cards, Complaints
Hospital Maintenance:
  • The Hospital Operation & Maintenance Module provides features to manage the operations of the hospitals such as scheduling of the nurses on wards, ward boys, and other staff. This module maintains and provides information regarding the maintenance of the hospital premises like maintenance of hospital building, operation theatres, wards, rooms, investigation facilities and external premises such as parking, gardens and staff quarters. The core features include:
  • Hospital Premises Records including Buildings and Locations, Insurances, Maintenance Contracts
  • Civil Maintenance Plan
  • Recording of Services under Maintenance Contracts Work Order, Job Card and Complaint Tracking
  • Service Billing including Labor Costs, Parts Costs
  • Reminders for Insurance Renewals
  • Comprehensive Status & MIS Reports for Locations, Work Orders, Job Cards, Complaints
  • Service Billing including Labor Costs, Parts Costs
  • Work Order Generation, Job Card Recording & Complaint Booking
Blood Bank
  • This module provides an efficient and accurate mechanism for the maintenance of blood and blood component stock. This module captures blood donor details, availability of donors based on their blood groups. The inventory of blood and blood components and their lifetime is managed by this system.
Kitchen & Diet Management
  • This module deals with the requirements related to the diet management of the patients. Each patient shall have a diet chart depending on the daily intake prescribed. Reports can be generated to inform doctor about the daily intake - output of the patient.
  • This module automates the functions of laundry management such as setting the schedule for changing linen for patients & daily washing.

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